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Pampering4Paws is located on the outskirts of Ringwood on the Hampshire/Dorset Border.  I am qualified to City & Guilds Level and have an additional Level 3 Diploma and qualifications in both Canine Fist Aid and Animal Psychology. 

Using only ecologically sound products I can ensure that they are kind and gentle on both your dog and the environment. A full groom includes a bath with specially formulated canine shampoo, clipping, ear & eye cleaning, nail trimming. 

I offer an on-line booking service so if there is a slot available; you can make your booking there and then and this is by far the quickest way to make your booking.  Click Here to make a booking or to see available appointment times.

If you would prefer the personal touch and would like to speak to someone in person before making a booking then I am more than happy to discuss your requirements beforehand so please phone for a chat. I can’t always annswer the phone during the day so if you would like a quicker repsonse then text or whatsapp is the way to go. 

About Me and In the P4P Studio

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About Me – I have had a life-long  love of animals, with five beautiful dogs of my own, Bekka, Tam, Alfie, Jinni and Lola.   After spending most of my working life behind a computer and with a lot of nagging by my youngest son I decided that this was the right time for me to follow my dream and re-train. With a huge amount of support from my family I am now qualified with a City & Guilds Certificate in Dog Grooming, a Diploma in Dog Styling and a certificate in Dog First Aid.
In 2014 I opened Pampering4Paws from my fully fitted home studio. 

I promise that your dogs will be well cared for and helped to feel as comfortable and relaxed at possible as possible. It is imperative to ensure your dog feels safe and at ease whilst in my company and will make every effort to ensure that this is so.

I believe in positive reinforcement training, which means training dogs with only love and rewards. Ignore the bad – reward the good, which is the same ideology I use while grooming. I use my understanding of canine behaviour and body language to judge how each dog is responding during the grooming process. If you do not want your dog to be given healthy treats then please do let me know!

I offer free familiarisation sessions for puppies or dogs who are new to the grooming salon/process. You can find some information about preparing your dog from grooming here.

Every dog is groomed on a 1:1 basis which helps reduce stress and each groom is tailored to suit each individual dog, If they need a little more time and calming, no problem! There will be no overlap and your dog will be the only dog in the salon at any one time. As a 1:1 service is provided it is my intention to build up a relationship with your dog, getting to know their likes and dislikes and records of all grooming sessions are kept so that I know about your individual dog’s health, needs, behaviour & styling requirements.

I do not like using muzzles of any kind and will refrain from doing so where ever possible, however I do have to protect myself on occasion. When this happens I will only ever use it for the shortest of periods, provide regular breaks and will remove it as soon as I possibly can.

It is important that every dog is groomed and bathed, be it a long haired breed or a short coated breed. Can you imagine getting as wet and muddy as your dog does and never brushing your hair or having a shower… yuk! You wouldn’t be as happy or as healthy as you are now, and the same applies to your dog.   I NEVER use drying cages or cabinets and all dogs are hand dried with warm air and not left unattended whilst drying. In fact they are never left alone at any point in time. 

Regular grooming is an important part of your dogs well being. Brushing and combing is essential in maintaining a healthy coat as it eliminates mats and tangles, removes dead hair, dirt , thorns and burrs and distributes the natural oils to promote healthy skin. 

About Me and In the P4P Studio

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Preparing for Grooming Pampering 4 Paws

Preparing for Grooming

Full credit to Miranda Wyeth of Panda’s Pet Grooming for this informative video. 

Preparing for Grooming – To teach your dog to stay still and get used to being handled, have some favourite treats in one hand. Hold them in front of his nose. With the other hand, rub along his back and tail. Then run your hand down each leg. Give a treat often to keep him interested.

Start again, running your hand down the back and tail, down each leg and this time pick up each paw in turn. Be careful not to hurt him, affect his balance or cause discomfort. You want to maintain his trust during this process. If he tries to wriggle or pull his paw free, don’t pull against him but don’t let go either. Gently keep hold of each paw, go with his movements and maintain a gentle grip. He’ll learn to relax while you’re holding his paws.

If he’s struggling and trying to get free of your handling, don’t let go. Hold him with relaxed arms, look away to show you’re not registering his protest and wait until he relaxes again. When he stops trying to wriggle free, give another treat to reward this behaviour.

The next steps are to get him used to being handled under his tail and around his anus and genitals. Most dogs instinctively protect themselves when approached here and it will probably need slow, patient attempts.

Practice running your fingers gently around his eyes and ears. If you haven’t already started, get your dog used to having his teeth cleaned twice a week. Finger toothbrushes are usually more acceptable to dogs than regular brushes.

At all times, stay patient and considerate and show your delight when he goes along with the handling without objection. He may feel unsure and any impatience or shouting from you will only compound this. Preparing for grooming

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Preparing for Grooming

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